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High quality models

We produce static aeronautical models in small series
with very high level finishings.

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Maximum attention to detail

All our models are handmade
by highly specialized personnel

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Luciano Piazzai models collection

Hosted by the Aeronautical Museum Foundation VOLANDIA, the largest Italian museum park dedicated to aeronautics

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Aviation industry

We produce promotional and collectible models for the major aeronautical industries worldwide.

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AW119NYPD (Code: 7/A)

The AW119Kx is the most spacious and powerful light single-engine helicopter for a wide range of missions.Government and commercial operators benefit from the highest levels of mission flexibility and productivity at competitive procurement and operating costs.A modern glass cockpit configured with Garmin’s G1000H(TM) Integrated Flight Deck system enhances situational awareness. The avionic suite comprises a Synthetic Vision System with Highway In The Sky (HITS) depiction, moving map and a Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS) with worldwide terrain and obstacle database.The large unobstructed cabin and separate baggage compartment permits rapid reconfiguration for a variety of missions.High power margins provide the performance capability to deliver excellent flying qualities, high controllability and manoeuvrability, combined with the robust, inherent ‘fail safe’ design and redundancy of main systems, operators confidence is assured.

Our model in 1:32 scale it has always been a perfect reproduction made entirely by hand by skilled artisans in limited production of which we can customize according to customer requirements any paint scheme. The model is made of plastic and provided with detailed interior and pedestal

NYPD Aviation Unit History

One of the first police aviation units in the U.S. was established in 1929 at Floyd Bennett Air Field in Brooklyn New York. The NYPD's Air Support Division was an all fixed wing fleet when it first took to the skies to try to get a handle on the swarms of Barnstormers that had descended on the city in the early days of aviation. Just about any empty field was turned into an impromptu air field and air show. It was not long before the NYPD began experiences a new phenomenon called traffic jams. Soon the police bi-planes were reporting on traffic conditions and directing officers to traffic accidents.

The New York Police Department's Aviation Unit arguably lays claim to be one of the first airborne law enforcement units in the world.

Helicopters were not introduced to the NYPD Air Support Unit until 1948 when they received their first Bell 47 helicopter. NYPD also has the distinction of employing the very first Bell helicopter in a law enforcement air support unit. While today the NYPD has an advanced Air & Sea Rescue Unit even some of the very first Bell 47's and even fixed wing aircraft were outfitted with floats in order to carry out water rescue missions.


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