Since nearly 90 years Piazzai is synonymous of aviation and modeling. In in the early 1924 a Piazzai and preciselyn Sante, my grandfather, wore the uniform of the Italian Air Force and in that moment the desire to reproduce asmall-scale copying aircraft, on which he flew on, Ca 3/33 to A Fiat 300, grew strongly in him. 



This passion for aviation and modeling was then taken up by the sons Luciano, Sergio and Franco who had fun, with the few instruments they had in their hands, to realize during the postwar period, the first of a long serie of model aircrafts, directly in the family living room, and they all three also served the Italian Air Force.

In particular, my father Luciano made ​​me breathe the smell of airplanes since my early childhood and in 1968 I made my first direct knowledge with the most beautiful airplane and the most beautiful airplane division of the world ... the F104 Starfighter Red Devils. It was love at first sight and twelve years later I had the honor and fortune to serve the Red Devils of the Sixth Wing and rediscover the old 104 of my childhood.

This great passion for Air Force gave life to the modelingand and from 1965 it became a real job. The first prestigious customer were the Count Augusta founder of the famous company Augusta (now part of Finmeccanica with the name Agusta - Westland) that saw one of the first models made by my father and immidiately ordered 100 pieces... and from that day we never stopped.

In 1993 my father opened a museum of flight called "L' Aeroplano" ( "the airplane") where we set up a real session of real choppers and airplanes and 1200 models all realized by us that tell the story of flight. Now this collection is set up at the museum Volandia At the Malpensa airport with the name of "Piazzai Collection" that you can see following the link: 

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Today beside the small models, on request we also realize much bigger models reaching scale 1:5 (witch means 5 times smaller than the real airplane) that are destined to be shown in the most important exhibitions worldwide by the important aircraft industries. In this scale we have realized from futuristic projects also possible substitutes of the Shuttle and all this always with great expertise and passion.

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In all these cases we have always had the total trust of our customers that have let us work on secret civil and military projects. Since "always" when an important aircraft company makes a new contract there is always one of our models packed in its caracteristic blue elegant box, that accompains this signing as a gift for their customers. The passion that the family Piazzai has has now become a passion also for the workers of the company that follow us around in the flight departments and flight exhibitions.

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"The care to the details and the desire to offer a product appreciated worldwide still respecting the rules of the real craftsmanship. Pieces build and cared with love for unique pieces that leaves a sign in time."

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