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01. model ready to be glued 
The fuselages of our models have a thickness and a strength far greater than that normally seen in ordinary boxes ready to put together in the shops. besides this our models are fully tasparenti in origin, and only in further steps the windows are highlighted.

02. manual gluing of the fuselages 
All our models are glued and checked by our highly skilled staff.

03. example of a glued model
After gluing it's time for an initial grinding and sanding followed by a special polishing of the windows.

04. a preliminary stage of processing 
Each model is subjected to various stages of processing each time increasingly more delicate.

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fig. 08

05. the masking of the windows 
The model is now ready to be protected in the area of the windows until the next painting.

06. particular of the masking of the windows 
Very particular cures are put in this very delicate working phase.

07. the painting department 
Here our models are painted, plastered and sanded several times to remove all the small defects on them just like it happens in the car industry.

08. sanding of a model 
The sanding, as all the other phases, is completely handmade because of the complexity of the structure of our pieces that can not be made with machineries.

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fig. 10

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fig. 11

fig. 12

09. plastered model 
How a model looks in the middle of the production.

10. decals department 
In this department, the presence of women ensures that particular attention that only the hand of a woman is able to obtain.

11.particualr preparation of the decals 
Every single writing, coat of arm or decoration is always cured and prepared by hand.

12. final assembly 
Once placed the decals the next step will be the assembly of all the small pieces that complete a model(rudders, masts, arms, etc...) but only after another complete and cured check.

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fig. 13

fig. 14

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fig. 15

fig. 16

13. particular of the final assembly 
After assembling all the details, we proceed to a protective glossy or matte coating depends on the case. The masking of the windows will be removed to allow you to appreciate the internal details. Now our model is ready for packaging.

14. packed model 
Every model is packed in single package and comes with a base.

15. exemple of a packed chopper 
Every models is packed in an elegant plasted blue box that makes this gift even more precious.

16. modelli di grosse dimensioni per esposizioni 
Every models is packed in an elegant plasted blue box that makes this gift even more precious.

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fig. 18


fig. 19


17. models for exhibitions 
For exhibitions and for presentations we are also able to prepare models of big formats with a special cure of the particulars with realistic effects.

18. model in scala 1:10 
These models are unique pieces made from molds but not completely modeled taken and started exclusively from the original drawings.

19. internal detail; model scale 1:10 
After more than 40 years of passion and experience gained in this work we have achieved a very high level of quality and you can admire the long path at the the Airport of Malpensa 2000 where 1,200 of our most beautiful models are permanently exhibited in 40 showcases that tell the story of the Aviation beside the history of our company.


"The care to the details and the desire to offer a product appreciated worldwide  still respecting the rules of the real craftsmanship. Pieces build and cared with love for unique pieces that leaves a sign in time."

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