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NH90 - AgustaWestland

The NH90 is the medium lift, multi-role military helicopter developed from NATO Staff Requirements; the result of an extensive European collaboration programme.

Two main versions are available: the battlefield Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH), and the maritime NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH).

Featuring an advanced composite airframe, multi-redundant fly-by-wire controls, HIRF protection and high levels of survivability and crashworthiness, ballistic tolerant design, self-sealing tanks and advance self-protection suite, the NH-90 is designed for operation in the 21st Century battlespace.

The spacious unobstructed cabin features sliding doors and rear ramp to accommodate a comprehensive inventory of modular role equipment, providing flexibility for a number of applications.

An advanced, integrated avionic suite, advanced mission systems and data fusion increases the speed and accuracy of analyzed data; ASW / ASuW (NFH) mission systems enable autonomous and joint operations without role change. Comprehensive sensor, voice/data communications and weapons system with data fusion support decision making, maximising mission effectiveness.

Harpoon deck-lock, castoring nosewheel, automatic blade / tail fold and proven deck handling systems ensure safe ship-borne operations in day/night and adverse weather conditions.


 Leading Features


MTOW: 11 tonne Class

Power Plant: (2000 KW class - dual channel FADEC)

 Depending on NH90 variant                    2 x RTM322-01/9 or 2 x GE T700/T6E1

 Enhanced performance in Hot/High        2 x RTM322-01/9A or 2 x GE CT7-8F5

Crew/Passengers: 2 with 20 troops



Agusta Westland


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